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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Election 2018: Paul Biya shared between Samuel Mvondo and Philemon Yang

A few days after the opening of the presidential campaign, the Campaign Director of the CPDM candidate is still unknown. The candidate president would be divided between his chief of staff and his prime minister as revealed by the newspaper Jeune Afrique ...

Paul Biya has still not officially decided: Samuel Mvondo Ayolo, former ambassador in Paris and current director of the civil cabinet to the presidency, favors prognosis to take the lead in the campaign. But the 61 year old man lacks benchmarks within the party as the administration, he has little frequented.

Candidate Biya could therefore prefer him Prime Minister Philemon Yang, already campaign manager in 2011 and who still appeared, there is little, as the natural choice for the post . Especially since a sidelining of Yang could open a premature fight for the prime minister.