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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Election 2018: 'Paul Biya plans to spend 50 billion'

Sam Severin Ango, spokesman of the pastor candidate has served on the set of Canal Presse, this Sunday, September 23, 2018

"We have not waited for this action to start mobilizing on the ground, we are already 450 million-500 million expenditure ...", he said

In fact, the government decided to first grant a first tranche of 15 million to the various candidates vying for the battle of Etoudi, but this controversial sum was only formally received by three candidates, he said. This is Cabral Libii from the Universe Party, Joshua Osih from the SDF and Paul Biya from the CPDM.

Serges Espoir Matoma, the candidate of the United People's Party for Social Renewal (Purs) for its part said that his campaign is valued at 8 billion,

"Our campaign budget has not been set according to the administration. The pure will do without this funding. We prefer that this money remains in the coffers of the state, "he said.

If the law allows a subsidy to the candidates during the elections, it remains vague on the modalities, what to arouse controversy

The budget earmarked for these elections on the instructions of the President of the Republic had increased from 35 billion CFA francs to 50 billion CFA francs, a sum well above the 21 billion CFA francs that had been allocated in 2011.