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Friday, September 28, 2018

Election 2018: Paul Biya lives permanently under assistance

At almost 86 years old, Biya is barely standing up, he now seems to be living with the weight of a bag of cement on his back, so he can barely walk, keep his balance. 

The weight of age does not lie, my 55 years remind me well every day so I know what I'm talking about and it's not words in the air to say some, denigrate Biya.

Biya can not live alone in a house for a whole day because he needs to be assisted in each of his simple daily acts of life. People like him are full in retirement homes in the West.

Biya needs someone by her side at bedtime, when getting up, to sit at the table, to get into the bath and also to get out, to get dressed, to the little corner to avoid getting dirty hands, to wear his shoes or even to remove them ...

In short, every daily gesture of life has become a real test for Biya, especially since in addition his health has not been very good for many years now, as evidenced by his many stays in a hospital in Geneva, Switzerland.

I do not seek to denigrate Biya but allow Cameroonians to simply realize the reality of the difficulty in which lives this old man today: he is a real tortured and he needs to rest.

His creatures, all real predators of the public fortune, live on a daily basis the ear returned because worried to be surprised by bad news from Etoudi.

Meanwhile, almost orphans of this presidential candidate divine ghost so far, the wave to the soul, fear in the stomach and morale in socks, these poor creatures, pockets stuffed with dirty money, however continue to 'Smoke the naive folowers, pouring salads at any price.

These merchants of illusions, these hucksters will stop at nothing to continue to sleep, to wash the brain to Cameroonians. It's pathetic and dishonest.

I tell you all this, because today remote controlled by his entourage, Biya is literally pushed to seek a new term of 7 years at the head of a country like Cameroon, while he is unable to take care of his own person, what misery.

Biya currently, even ignore the date of the election since yesterday, he asked the question about ... pfff it's sad

I invite therefore Cameroonian lucidity. Do not behave like sheep anymore and say: NO TO BIYA CAR BIYA MUST GO.

Reporter: Jean-Marie Vianny Nde Ngoh