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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Election 2018: Paul Atanga Nji cleanly corrects Abrams Enow Egbe

Monday, September 10, 2018, the Minister of Territorial Administration, presiding over the opening of the first conference of governors of the ten regions of the country about the security of the electoral process of October 7, struck a fatal blow to previous statements from the boss of Elecam.

The consultation meeting yesterday was on the date indicated, following the assizes of Elections Cameroon (Elecam) with the various actors of the electoral process of last Thursday at the Congress Palace of Yaoundé. At this consultation meeting for the organization of a successful presidential election, the various interventions stumbled mainly on the crucial security issue in the two English-speaking regions of the country. Convergence tended towards the material impossibility of organizing elections in all the departments, all the districts of this part of the country. Clear and crisp information All these statements were motivated by the extent of the terror that the armed groups are sowing in the region. The President of the Abrams Elow Council, Enow Egbe, reassured his guests by openly declaring that all security measures will be taken so that elections can be held in both regions.

According to the boss of Elecam, the institution he runs decided to relocate polling stations of some certainly unsecured locations in both regions to house them in high security sites. The various actors have discussed it extensively. The question was the lack of the basis of the voting center in the Cameroonian Electoral Code. It was also understood that, in an exceptional situation, Elecam which is an independent organization, with the means that it has, will open polling stations just in secure places. That was the point until yesterday morning, September 10, 2018.

The strong return of the Administration

Yesterday morning, at the opening of the first Conference of the Governors of the 10 regions, the head of the Cameroonian Administration, along with the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, the Secretary of State to the Minister of Defense in charge of the National Gendarmerie, the General Delegate for National Security, and the 10 governors of regions, corrected cleanly the previous declarations of the boss of Elecam, on Thursday, September 6th at the Palais des Congrès. To do this, he first recalled in his speech of circumstance the legal bases of his implication in the electoral process. He therefore convened Article 43 of the Electoral Code, which states clearly: "

(1) The State administrations provide their collaboration and support to Elections Cameroon in the execution of the missions assigned to it.

(2) The Ministry of Territorial Administration is the permanent liaison between the Government and Elections Cameroon.

It receives from the latter, copies of the minutes of meetings and reports of activities. It is therefore perfectly aware of the minutes of the decisions of Elecam with the various actors involved in the electoral process that Minat took the big game by putting everyone in its place in the organization of the elections of October 7 next. He said, against the assurances of Abrams Enow Egbe: "the presidential election will be held in the 360 ​​districts of Cameroon! "

This means that the famous "voting centers" following the various relocations have lived and that there will be more relocation during the presidential election. The Administration is back in force in the electoral process, even if it is to "provide the necessary assistance to Elections Cameroon for the smooth organization of the presidential election of October 7, 2018." The minister recalled that it was the Head of State who instructed him to ask the Governors and all the administrative authorities to provide the necessary assistance to Elecam in the context of this election.

To succeed fully in this operation, he relies on the role of the defense and security forces. Paul Atanga Nji confides: "They will have to support the administrative authorities all over the national territory for the securing of the electoral material and the protection of the dismemberment of Elections Cameroon. These same authorities are invited by Minister Atanga Nji to answer all the requests of Elecam, before, during and after the presidential election of October 7, 2018

Political parties under orders

The Minat also asks the various candidates who will fight campaign "kindly send to the governors, prefects and sub-prefects of these two regions, the precise schedule of their raids on the ground. This is in the sense of the boss of the Cameroonian Administration, a symbol that Paul Biya is "the champion of Cameroonian democracy and champion of political fairplay". This reality, imposed by the security context, encourages us to recognize that the Administration will be almost permanent in this election, in the name of security, which is essential for holding this election.

The various candidates are therefore challenged and will certainly answer for themselves in case they refuse to collaborate with the governors in the conduct of their election campaign. All this looks like a sleeping man and asks his worst opponent to watch over him. It can be laughed at, but the good thing is that in case of glitches, he will be the first accused.