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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Election 2018: Maurice Kamto trapped by the CPDM in Kribi

The prefect of the department Antoine Bissaga is accused of playing the game of the ruling party. 

It is to a real war that the various parties are running for the October 7th poll. And, the first spark comes from the city of Kribi where the CPDM has grabbed a site reserved for the MRC to finally not occupy it.

Maurice Kamto will not respect his campaign program which included a rally at the esplanade of Kribi Holiday Square.And for good reason, reports Le Messager Monday, September 24, 2018, the MRC was denied access to the site solicited two days instead.

"We made a request for occupation to the prefecture of the Ocean which did not find any objection. We informed them. But it is only Saturday at 5 pm that we are called to say that the CPDM also had a demand well before us. And it is the sub-prefect who called us because he is not the one who manages this space, "explains Essembe Tchamda Théodore, the departmental representative of the MRC in the ocean.

The sub-prefect then proposed to the MRC another site, either at Ngoye beach or at the SAR. "The national president took the option of reprogramming because what we wanted to do in Kribi was something of interest to the people. Kribi is an emerging city and we can not miss this rendezvous, "argues Essembe Tchamda Theodore.

In Kribi, this situation is considered as a party of the party in power, especially as the rally that was planned at the esplanade of the place des fĂȘtes was rather confined to the village hall of Kribi. The prefect Antoine Bissaga is accused of playing the game of the CPDM, since he was present at the RDPC meeting.

Faced with this failure, the MRC officials led by Professor Maurice Kamto took the road to Edea for another meeting.