Sunday, September 30, 2018

Election 2018: Joshua Osih struggles to convince in the West

Arrived at the West on September 22, 2018 for the official launch of the campaign, Joshua OSIH NAMBANGI began his journey by the department of Menoua in the evening. The next day Sunday, September 23, 2018, the party campaign team and him started the day with a rally in the city center of Baham, capital of the department of Hauts-Plateaux and village of origin candidate Maurice KAMTO.

Melted in a sofa, the expression of the face of the famous NI John FRU DI translates a sadness, a worry and a desolation that it can not hide. About fifty people are present at the meeting.Opposite, the population goes about their business, the citizens present in shops and bars next door show an advanced disinterestedness for the message that is delivered.

Some activists of the MRC (Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon) talk with people in the bars around. Closer to them, they explain to us that they are in the sensitization in prelude to public meetings announced for a few days. Their tellers will attend a training 500 meters from the meeting place of the SDF (Social Democratic Front).

RDPC activists, party of incumbent President Paul BIYA and candidate for his own succession, are passing on the spot and inform us that they go to a meeting at the chieftaincy with his majesty POKAM MAX II to prepare the campaign.

In a softer tone and with very sweet words, Joshua OSIH presents his program to the handle of assistance and presents himself as the best choice against an incumbent candidate who in 36 years, has excelled in mediocrity and inertia. A piece of "speech" by the NI John FRU DI will follow: "Paul in the Bible says that when the arm hurts, the whole body suffers but Paul BIYA says that when Yaoundé breathes Cameroon lives. Here is the man who must change Cameroon.

Cape Bandja, Bafang and Bangangté: same desolation, no comparison with the meetings of the chairman of there is 7 years. At the Bangangté stage, one of the executives, Luc WANDJI, announces the ban on the meeting by the local authority: "We wanted to hold this meeting instead of the holidays, but we were told at the last minute that we can not occupy the place of the holidays. We fell back near the shop of a gentleman who asked us a few minutes of the arrival of the candidate to remove our logistics otherwise the mayor (his landlord) could chase after our passage.

Returned to Bandjoun in the Koung-khi department, Joshua Osih is greeted by bad news. One of his activists, Donatien KENGNE was attacked by his challengers of the MRC, his party dress is torn. The victim tells us the circumstances of the incident: "I was in the field vehicle when suddenly I saw vehicles pointing in front of and behind me, the occupants came out and beat me and I just covered my face because they were many and warned me that this election will not be like those of previous years. These are the works of Mr. FOKAM Samuel!

Joins by telephone, Me Fokam Samuel, the departmental head of the MRC tells us that the victim came to sabotage their meeting with the help of his megaphone by vilifying their candidate Maurice KAMTO to be a thief and embezzler of public funds.Words that irritated his comrades who threw themselves on him: "Had not been my intervention to recover, the guys would have beaten him well. Since last Saturday, he is campaigning against us. He came near the place where our meeting was held and began to tell through the megaphone that Maurice KAMTO has stolen 40 million and that the vote is to entrust the country to a thief. He has been making comments since yesterday, and every time we meet him, we warn him against that. " For this case, an investigation was opened.


One of the highlights of the passage of the standard-bearer of the SDF to this election was the deposit of a wreath on the tomb of the nationalist Ernest OUANDJIE in Bafoussam. In his message, Joshua OSIH says: "We are tired of a president who despises his people, hides at home and never goes out. We will end 36 years of mediocrity. The Cameroonian people have two choices, that of accompanying the outgoing president and grandfather in his native village to Mvomeka'a for a peaceful retreat, and the choice of breaking with a neocolonial system and profound change.This choice is before you and the rest is just a photocopy of the original. "

Speaking of his challengers, OSIH responds: "To catch a big bandit, you have to do it with honest people and not with those who have flown before. The real coalition is a coalition with the people and not with the bandits of yesterday. I am the only candidate who has released a program. Joshua OSIH also declares that he will once elected on October 7th, to suppress the probationary and the senate: "The probationary is a diploma which serves us nothing and if someone could not continue his studies because blocked at this level, he can continue. The Senate also serves us nothing. It's a thing made to eat our money. We should have built a retirement home with this money and it would have been better. "

Regarding the Anglophone crisis, the SDF candidate says he has 30 days after his election on October 7, to silence the arms and 100 days to put an end to the crisis.The candidate of the party of the balance also proposes the increase of SMIG to 160.000 FCFA over 5 years, the suppression of several ministries and the reduction of the lifestyle of the government to finance the asphalting of the roads. Joshua also promises to leave 1000 km of motorways and 2000 km of rails if he is elected on October 07, 2018.
Regarding the shape of the state, he proposes the federal system with 10 federated states modeled on the 10 existing regions, the reduction of the presidential term to 5 years renewable once, the reform of the electoral system with the introduction of a two-round presidential election, the single ballot, an integral biometrics, the establishment of a truly independent electoral commission in place of ELECAM, the reduction of the size of the government to a maximum of 20 ministerial departments, the creation of an assembly of traditional leaders, the application of unreservedly the provisions of the Constitution relating to the declaration of property, the abolition of the office of the Prime Minister and the function of the Government delegate, an ethnic or regional reference in civil status and / or administrative documents, among others.

Reductions that according to the candidate will save Cameroon at least 300 billion FCFA. For more details, refer to candidate Joshua OSIH's company project titled "MY CONTRACT WITH MY NATION".