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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Election 2018: In difficulty, Cabral Libii changes strategy

Libii set to adapt a collation with yet unknown candidate.

An in camera meeting was held yesterday at the candidate's headquarters to review the procedure of the youngest presidential candidate who has chosen to end the regime since 1982. Clear information.Nothing has filtered from this meeting, but some people imagined that the issue of funding and the posture of the candidate face attacks from all sides were the topics discussed at this meeting held in secret in a building located in the Nkoldongo district in the 4th district of Yaounde.

After electrifying the city of Douala and Edéa, the candidate surprised by this mobilization would have decided to rethink its approach in the sense that the vagaries of the terrain require that we reposition the troops on the ground.

In the room that served as a framework for the works; the mine was tight, no unidentified individual was entitled to the work, it was necessary to demonstrate his belonging to the movement to have a place worthy of the name. The site of the Cameroonian diasora of Belgium. It is nevertheless remembered that this candidate braved the prohibition of the administrative authority in the city of Douala by holding its meeting at the stadium Cicam, a human tide responded to this invitation to better discover the project of the candidate Universe very determined to put out of the palace of the Unity the current occupant.

Cabral Libii Li Ngue Li is a lawyer who has overnight decided to twist the neck to the current governance by raising an initiative "Eleven million registered voters" that will eventually become "Eleven million citizens" through mutations endlessly. The project has matured and now because he can not go back, he decided to jump into the political arena to try to propose an alternative.

Cabral believes that another Cameroon is possible by the fact of a commitment to citizenship and a desire to demonstrate that the youth factor is not a handicap, but rather an adjunct to make a qualitative leap because the people dream of a better future. In the process, we saw the arrival of the candidate's wife, who is doing a job on the ground in the southern region, and a police squad who came to secure the area in order to shelter the candidate from what could happen.