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Friday, September 28, 2018

Election 2018: A former Lions coach joins Maurice Kamto

Jules Fédérick Nyonga believes that Maurice Kamto's social project is the only one that could bring Cameroon out of the crisis. 

The daily Mutations of September 26, 2018 reports that last Tuesday, Jules Fédérick Nyonga, former coach of the Indomitable Lions through a video posted on social networks has unveiled the name of the candidate for the 2018 Presidential election to whom he will give his vote October 7th.

This candidate is Maurice Kamto of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC). The reasons that justify this choice are found in the project of society of the latter. "The Cameroon that the people of my generation have struggled to build is now darkened," he says. Before adding that, as a result, of the different social projects presented, that of the MRC candidate is "the most realistic and could bring Cameroon out of the crisis".

Our colleague reports that Jules Frédérick Nyonga thinks that Maurice Kamto is honest and charismatic. For him it is a character "on whom one can count". For all that is aroused he invites the Cameroonian to grant him their vote.Because he is "the only one who can take Cameroon out of the water". As a reminder Jules Frédérick Nyonga from the North West Region coached Cameroon's national men's football team, the Indomitable Lions. He was even an assistant coach.

The last time we saw him with the Lions is in September 2007.

It should also be noted that Jules Frédérick Nyonga was an excellent football player of the 70s. He is currently the coach of the Cayman Football Club. Douala, affiliated to the regional league of the Littoral.