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Monday, September 24, 2018

Election 2018: campaign against the backdrop of a caravan

The launch of the campaign of the Social Democratic Front candidate was a rally, left Bonassama in Douala until Dschang, the SDF candidate has reaffirmed his ambition to occupy the presidential chair in the evening of October 7.

The departure was given to the esplanade of the Douala 4ème town hall in Bonassama by a strong mobilization of the SDF militants. With signs, banners, peace trees, flags of Cameroon, effigies of the candidate, leaflets, ballots, the caravan of fifty cars will start on the route published by the team of Joshua Osih campaign: from Douala to Dschang via the chief towns of the districts of Moungo and Santchou.

The caravan is led by Joshua Osih, with his campaign team alongside campaign director Nanda, regional president Jean Michel Nintcheu, heads of grassroots structures, political party leaders , individuals and legal entities who have decided to support the SDF candidate. The first stop of this imposing caravan will be in Dibombari.

In front of a large crowd of activists and curious mass out to give him a warm welcome, Joshua Osih despite the brevity of the stopover, promised he will be after his election on October 7, 2018, the President of the Republic who will be close to the people. The caravan will again set off on its course each time multiplying brief stops like the cities of Souza, Mbanga, Manjo, Nlonako, Baré, Melong, and Santchou where she was welcomed from the entrance of each city by a strong escort of mototaxis mobilized for the occasion.

The meetings of this trip will respectively take place in the cities where the SDF runs town halls like Njombe-Penja, Loum and cities whose town halls are not controlled by the SDF, but then very strategic like from Nkongsamba and Dschang where Joshua Osih's caravan will end the journey. Now it remains that after this passage, the work will continue to make the commitment of the militants, to elect President of the Republic in the evening of October 7, 2018.

Source: The Essential No. 199 l