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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Election 2018: after Biya is already preparing for Cameroon

With the electoral campaign for the presidential election of October 7 in Cameroon, the CL2P includes through the extraoridinaire popular craze around the main candidates of the opposition (Maurice Kamto, Josuah Osih, Cabral Libii, Akéré Muna ...), that the The post-Biya era has indeed begun, even if the "programmed victory" of the one who wants to be immortal is presented as ineluctable by the rélais of Françafrique, as already has underlined CL2P in our previous publications.

Indeed, after 36 years in power, Biya was and is nothing more than a peon of history, who has squandered the legacy left by his predecessor by condemning himself to be no longer tidy in the dustbin of the history of Cameroon by future generations. That, Mr. Biya is the first to know; which explains his obsession with obscene immortality. For he, more than the sycophants around him, knows that he has no other lasting legacy than his desire to live forever. He failed to revolutionize the neocolonial system that he inherited from his French bosses and did nothing but make a cosmetic change in the modes of domination, thus perpetuating a system of tribal governance without real legitimacy.

Is not Mandela who wants ...

In the optics of the post-biya era that opens, the CL2P militates for democracy and social justice.

It must begin by fighting all groups or ethnic groups playing identity politics through the exploitation of false historical rights claims or fabricated tribal grievances. Cameroon is indeed a country born from the blood shed by patriots of all ethnicities and tribes, such as Douala Manga Bell, Charles Atangana, Martin Paul Samba, Ruben Oum Nyobe, Ernest Ouandie, Ossende Afana and many others.They all sacrificed so that we could have a country. Their sacrifice was the ransom for gaining our own dignity and using our ability to freely create and rebuild. Dignity becomes important here because the concept of dignity means an inviolable form of ontology. Hence a policy of recognition that defies any kind of social classification does not highlight the dignity and the need for freedom of all Cameroonians.

In practice, it means being an agent of the story rather than a victim of the story.Concretely it reminds us that democracy is never given but is the result of aspiration and high ideals that emphasize common humanity, rather than differences. Thus, keeping faith with the ideal that all human beings are created equal is equivalent to working to create conditions in which we could actually prosper equally.

Those who promote identity politics at the expense of all the rest are the useful idiots of the dirty work of the tyrant, the local elite, and the supporters of the status quo.

It is not surprising that most advocates of identity politics come from the African bourgeoisie and privileged backgrounds.They can claim that they care about the fate of the poor, but without in any way renouncing their privileges. And they are particularly vicious to protect their destructive ideologies and ensure the echo broadcasters in the media.

The progressive movements of the past, such as Communists and Marxists, as well as Martin Luther King himself, finally realized that identity politics was not the way to go. For the true root of all injustice is the inequality of class and wealth. This is why the Communists insisted that people of all races and ethnicities join in the pursuit of justice for the working class and the poor.

The ethno-fascist politics in places like Cameroon serves as a hedge to mask the absence of an egalitarian policy, to conceal the fact that the country does not have left parties or workers' advocates, even though the workers are burglars daily by the power in place. In addition, workers must be quiet or lose their jobs.

Therefore, if you want power, real power, you have to treat everyone the whole time in the same way, with the same respect and consideration. The responsibility for real power means that you have to try to represent everyone else, otherwise you are as bad as the group you are opposing and acting solely to protect your interests. It is precisely this antihumanism that we can no longer afford in Cameroon after the calvary endured under the endless reign of Paul Biya.