Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Education: ban on use of cell phone during school hours, Western teachers plan to protest

In its edition of September 24, 2018 the daily Mutations reports that teachers in the Western Region have decided to go out on the street to express their dissatisfaction. They oppose the decision of the regional delegate for basic education in their region that prohibited them on 11 September 2018, to use the mobile phone now during school hours. And since this decision was made by the authority, it has created a stir and tension within the teaching community. " We do not understand why we can forbid us to use our phones. We know we are always disciplined when we get a phone call , "says Kamdem, who teaches in our colleague's columns.  If the teachers do not understand the action taken by the Regional Delegate of Basic Education for the West, it should be recalled that in his circular, Leopold Ymga states that the use of the telephone during school hours has become a problem. a recurrent phenomenon that is taking on worrying proportions. " This unorthodox and even unethical practice of the teaching profession inevitably leads to serious consequences in the pedagogical action, in particular the abandonment of the learners to themselves, the disruption in the conduct of their teaching activities. teaching / learning, approximate coverage of programs and teaching hours , "wrote the authority.  

They say they need this communication tool for a variety of reasons. " Many times parents of students contact us in full course to ensure the health of their offspring, part of the sick home ," said anonymous another teacher.