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Friday, September 28, 2018

Drugs, alcohol, ... revelations about the dark life of Aminatou Ahidjo in Europe

Aminatou Ahidjo is the parricide novel of the daughter of the former Cameroonian president who, plagued by financial worries, will kiss his feet and indulge in a fare with Paul Biya who killed his own father Ahmadou Ahidjo. 

While Paul Biya has humiliated and insulted all his family and stained his father's memory in the mud whose remains lie in a community cemetery in Senegal, Aminatou Ahidjo puts himself in the role of headliner for the launch of the presidential campaign of the hangman of his father.

"His Excellency Paul Biya has always had dreams, dreams larger than life, dreams greater than Cameroon for Cameroon. He is a visionary who has courage and self-sacrifice, he is a statesman who works and acts. The Cameroonian people each time renewed their mandates during which, with faith, strength and selflessness, he gave back to him in deeds, which his heart owed us. He jealously preserved the inheritance of the founding fathers, he watched with clairvoyance and rigor on our beautiful homeland, he kept Cameroon in peace, "writes Aminatou Ahidjo in the columns of the government daily Cameroon Tribune.

So Paul Biya preserved what heritage of Ahidjo? CAMRAIL, CAMSHIP, CAMAIR, FOGAPE, FONADER, BIAO, BICIC, MIDEVIV, SOCAPALM, CIMENCAM, SODECAO, SNEC, SONEL, CIS, MAETUR, AMACAM, SOCAME, SOTUC, ONCPB and all the state companies created by the founding father Ahidjo whose own girl avoids mentioning the name, went bankrupt or was sold off to strangers. Aminatou Ahidjo claims that Biya has preserved peace while Cameroon is bogged down in a war against Anglophones who push it further into the quicksand of secession and bankruptcy.

Ahidjo's daughter, who has never set foot in a church or mosque, now has visions and revelations about the Apostle Paul Biya's messianic mission and writes: "The Almighty God has inscribed His Excellency, the President of the Republic Paul Biya in the great book of destiny, our destiny, his destiny.

It is also years of self-sacrifice, priesthood, hard work in the service of the nation (...) The President of the Republic of Cameroon guides us in good times and bad, respectful of institutions, flexible and firm in republican principles, and pedagogues in the art of managing the city. " And his cynicism reaches the assumption of high treason to the dimension of Judas: "I will therefore vote the one I consider my father. For all these reasons, I pledge to once again support His Excellency Paul Biya at the 2018 Presidential Election ".

Aminatou Ahidjo is used to making such trips since she was eating in the palm of Paul Biya's hand. "When I reached out to His Excellency President Paul BIYA, he trusted me to fight for the 2013 municipal and legislative elections. This confidence has never been denied. It is a high mark of confidence that he makes by naming me PCA of the Palais des Congrès. The only thing I can say is: a thousand times, thank you, Mr. President. So, it really is so beautiful what the President did, "Aminatou Ahidjo sang in an endless string of praises on February 21, 2017 on the national channel.

Aminatou Ahidjo just thanking Biya for calling him PCA of the Yaounde Convention Center? forgetting the name of his father who built this building and inaugurated it on May 12, 1982, just before resigning. If Biya is president, it is thanks to Ahidjo who appointed him Secretary General to the Presidency, Prime Minister, and handed him the power for free.

Instead of thanking his benefactor, Paul Biya began to dirty his predecessor with putting counterfeit notes into circulation, diverting $ 900 billion, traveling with 4 tons of diamonds and gold, to have attempted to make a coup d'état being ill in France.And at the end of the ordeal, he ordered the death sentence of Ahidjo in absentia in 1985 with the seizure of his few property.Forced into exile, President Ahidjo died on November 30, 1989 in Dakar. Conctacte?by President Diouf to organize the repatriation of the body in Cameroon, Paul Biya had flatly refused, later claiming that it was a family affair, which remained plunged into destitution, without any compensation.

Aminatou Ahidjo, unlike other educated children, has been cut off from the roots of her parents and the values ​​of the Muslim religion. It has only dragged into alcoholic parties, glaucous and silvery drug addicts, slum with the worst dunces having dried the benches to fail on the banks of vagrancy. Broke, she made a deal with the regime to destroy her family and the far north.

While Germaine Ahidjo, his mother, despite the galley, wants to honor the memory of Ahmadou Ahidjo, Aminatou Ahidjo who does not even know where is the grave of his own father, now considers Biya as his father and his god on earth . Aminatou Ahidjo and Paul Biya would never have existed without Ahidjo.

These are two monsters who continue to stab their father in the grave. As Ahmadou Ahidjo said at a press conference in Paris on March 5, 1984: "I took Mr. Biya out of anonymity to lead him to the head of the state, without conquering him, who was unknown to the vast majority of Cameroonians, including those from his village; he who had never received any mandate from the people, not even that of municipal councilor ".

Reporter: Remy Ngono