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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Douala: A Student Gendarme Shot And Killed A Young Man By Mistake

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On the 6th of September, a gendarmette shot and killed a young man in Bonaberi, in the locality of Mabanda. While the latter was in a games room, he was surprised by a patrol of the National Gendarmerie, looking for a stolen phone.

In an atmosphere of fear and panic, the boy ran away. This is how the gendarmette did not hesitate to point his gun at him and inflict two bullets that made him amé on the spot. The parents of the deceased have lodged their complaint with the national gendarmerie in Bonanjo. One week after the investigations, we note that the young man was not the target of the policeman. His parents demand that justice be done. For the mother of the deceased, we must give him his child.