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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Death of former minister and chairman of the board of directors of the University of Maroua, Youssoufa Daouda

Cin | In a biography prepared by journalists Aimé Robert BIHINA and Eric Benjamin LAMERE, we learn that Youssoufa Daouda was born on September 29, 1942 in Garoua. With an above-average intelligence, he negotiates his primary and secondary studies in Garoua and Yaounde at the end of his studies. At the end of his studies, he obtained a bachelor's degree in experimental sciences at Lycée Leclerc in 1962. The same year, he was awarded entry to the Federal College of Agriculture of Nkolbisson.

Four years later, his studies were completed in beauty by the agronomist degree. He can then make the leap into professional life. In a manner of acclimatization, he directs the food crop section to the agricultural inspection of what is then the South Central Province.

It will improve further thanks to a specialization course in rural economics from 1967 to 1969 at the Institute of Higher Studies of Rural Economy of Paris.

Upon his return to Cameroon in 1969, he will experience an irresistible rise that almost nothing will hinder. So after a detour as head of department and studies and coordination at the State Secretariat for Rural Development. His hour of glory approaches one day in June 1970 when he is promoted to director of youth at the Ministry of Youth and Sports. This will be the launching pad for a government adventure that begins on July 3, 1972.

Youssoufa Daouda is appointed Minister of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries. He changed his portfolio in February 1973 to inherit from the Department of Industrial and Commercial Development. He moved two years later taking the lead in the government galaxy, because June 30, 1975, he takes the keys of the Ministry of Economy and Planning.

He later went on to take the helm of the Ministry of the Civil Service before being promoted to chief pilot of Camair as managing director of the national airline. This will be his political Olympus.

In the wake of change at the head of the state, new heads appear in the spotlight of the big national scene. Youssoufa Daouda is thus put in reserve of the Republic before tasting the delights of a retirement where he does not have to feed regrets. Since then, he has been busy building up his business in the economic capital Douala.

And, as if he had resolved not to dispute the space with the new wave of rulers, he was very little visible in his home department, the Mayo-Tsanaga even if he made a point of sending his financial contribution to each general meeting of the Mayo-Tsanaga Development Association (Ademat).