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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Criticism against CRTV: Charles Ndongo responds to Cabral Libii

As part of the official campaign of the presidential election of October 7, 2018, the director general of the Crtv, Charles Ndongo has just issued a statement that, the laws and regulations on electoral matters will be respected on its antennas.

As a result, the director general of the Crtv responds to the protest of the spokespersons and responsible for the communication of five candidates for the presidential election of 7 October.

The proxies of the candidates in the election consider that the candidates Maurice Kamto, Akere Muna, Joshua Osih, Cabral Libii and Serge Espoir Matomba, have a low media coverage.

Charles Ndongo insists that the Crtv has put in place an unprecedented cover for this presidential election, marked by the concern to ensure fairness to all opinions.In the pre-campaign phase, the public channel thus ensured the live broadcast of the publication by Elecam as well as the integration of pre-election disputes in order to better enable Cameroonians to follow all the debates.

In addition, the Crtv has launched special radio and television broadcasts including "radio debates", "100% presidential" and "Face the Nation". These last two spaces, according to Charles Ndongo, have allowed 11 leaders the opposition to bring the contradiction to nine representatives of the Rdpc and the presidential majority in the seven programs proposed.

In order to ensure optimal visibility for the candidates, Mr Ndongo says the reporting teams have been assigned to each of the candidates with a view to reporting on their activities on a daily basis.