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Friday, September 28, 2018

CPDM campaign in the West: Paul Biya released by the sultan of Bamoun

The teams entered the campaign at Bafoussam, Mbouda Bangangté, Bafang without the anointing of the two patriarchs. 

Head of the Permanent Delegation of the Central Committee of the Democratic Rally of the Cameroonian People (Rdpc), Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya, Sultan King of Bamoun and Senator of the Western Region, has not yet come down to the field. For the launch of the campaign of Paul Biya, President of the Republic and candidate of the Rdpc, activists gathered at the house of Bafoussam party, were treated to a campaign speech by Emmanuel Nzété, vice president of the regional delegation and government delegate to the Bafoussam Urban Community.

He invited the sons of the Western region to associate their voices with those of all supporters of Paul Biya who, according to him, "is a majority" over the entire national triangle. On behalf of the young supporters of the Biya candidate, Michel Penka, president of the youth organization section of the Cameroon People's Democratic Movement (Ojrdpc), pledged to mobilize his peers to "win their champion ".

The portal of the Cameroonian diaspora of Belgium. Pascal Nguihé Kanté, Deputy Secretary General of the Prime Minister's Office, Sylvestre Ngouchinghé, Senator and Head of the Delegation of the Central Committee of the Mpc Rdp, Honorable Pr Joseph Kankeu, Pr Thomas Tamo Tatietse, Director of Planning and Infrastructure at The University of Dschang, Angele Toukam Sandio, Jules Hilaires Focka Focka, Hyppolite Tchouteo, Beatrice Kenfack, Florence Mekam and other leaders of the Rdpc in the locality are committed to carry out a campaign of proximity to the populations.

In Mbouda, Prof. Chrisppin Petang, mission manager at the regional delegation and former minister F. Xavier Ngoubeyou, as in Bafoussam, provided their security for campaign activities led by Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi.

The question of the Bafang-Nkongdjock-Yabassi road

The Rdpc section of Haut-Nkam Est under the leadership of its president, the Honorable Wantou Siantou Lucien, also launched its campaign last Saturday, September 22nd. But during speeches, no dignitary of the Rdpc had the courage to take stock of the possible asphalting of the road Bafang-Nkondjock Yabassi.

Yet it was announced that 13 billion CFA francs were allocated for asphalting this road. The mayor and the sous-préfet of Baku were present.

The traditional leaders were the first to occupy the place and they shone by the totality of their presence to signify the importance of this election: the reappointment of President Paul Biya.Speaking under the ovation of all the militants, the Honorable Wantou Siantou Lucien first reminded the militants how the section of Upper Nkam East has always had the best percentage in Upper Nkam.