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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Confusion: Lebialem's Red Dragons Threaten To Slit The Secessionist Leaders

The Red Dragons of Lebialem, one of the pioneers of Ambazonia's self-defense group and under the command of the fiercest commander of Ambazonia's army, better known as Field Marshal, published a new video where he threatens the Leader of the opposition to the ADF (ambazonia defense forces); Cho Ayaba Lucas and his conniving swindler Tapang Ivo Tanku will stop betraying the Ambazonian people or they will die by his sword, that is to say he will strangle them.

According to the Marshal of the Red Dragons, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe was betrayed by an Ambazonian and several commanders of the Ambazonian army were arrested because they had been betrayed.

The Marshal of the Red Dragons said that Cho Ayaba, Lucas and Tapang Ivo Tanku are the two traitors in the fight of Ambazonia. The marshal said that if the two traitors did not stop betraying the people, their heads would be cut off.

The Marshal also warned the commander of the puppet ADF of Cho Ayaba, known as General Ivo, to stop attacking their camps, otherwise his fate would be no different from that of his manipulators; Cho Ayaba Lucas and Tapang Ivo.

The Marshal of the Red Dragons advised General Ivo to focus on the liberation of his county, as do the Red Dragons in Lebialem. The Marshal revealed shockingly that Lebialem is the only county in Ambazonia where all administrative offices of the republic have been closed due to the activities of the Red Dragons.

The red marshal assured the Ambazonians that the department of Lebialem will be the first county to be released from the Republic of Cameroon. He also said the group is determined to drive the people from Ambazonia to Buea.

Source: 237actu