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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Confidential: who wants to murder Paul

Camweb | The politician, Franck Hubert Ateba affirms that the president Paul Biya is danger of death. This ex-high cadre of the movement for the rebirth of Cameroon (Mrc) who confided to the confreres of the daily newspaper the Messenger yesterday in Yaounde said that the assassination of Paul Biya is in preparation.

According to him, it is the embassy of France in Cameroon which is behind this fatal project. Franck Hubert Ateba explains that he was approached three times by the colonel in charge of the security of this Chancery. He was asked to take on the assassination plan of President Paul Biya and his family.

According to him, the head of security told him that Paul Biya is already too old and sick, therefore he is no longer able to defend certain interests. And that many of his close associates are supportive of his departure. He indicates that there is still a handful of employees who are loyal to him.

The followers of this plot to believe Franck Hubert Ateba are in the presidency of the Republic. Some are members of the government and others have even infiltrated the secret services and the defense and security forces. Franck Hubert Ateba affirms without giving more details on this level that his role in this plan was to prevent the Cameroonians from choosing their president.

Otherwise this group of people wants to impose on Cameroonians a man in the pay of France at the head of Cameroon. Franck Hubert Ateba also explains that it is the same people who tried to assassinate the minister in August the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic.

It should be recalled here that the residence of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh in Nyom, a suburb of Yaounde, was attacked by attackers when he was there. Investigations further revealed that it was not a vulgar robbery but a coup sponsored by a high personality who had sent the attackers slaughter the SG / PRC and bring back his head, in exchange for a sum of 100 million FCfa.

Franck Hubert Ateba also adds that it is the same people who ordered the attack on the convoy of the Minister of Defense a few months ago in the English-speaking regions.

However, Franck Hubert Ateba claims to have refused to take part in this project. He even later denounced this one in the media and tried to warn the President of the Republic. This refusal is worth to him today all the wrath of the world.

Recall that Franck Hubert Ateba is one of the founding peers of the Mrc of Maurice Kamto. He is a fierce opponent of President Paul Biya for ages. But he explains that he can never accept and participate in such a project. Because for him, change is at the ballot box and not by a coup. He recognizes that Paul Biya still embodies legality and legitimacy because he is the choice of the people.

Thus, Franck Hubert Ateba claims to be the victim of a conspiracy since March. Between attempted abduction, threat, intimidation blackmail even on social networks, Franck Hubert Ateba everything is put to work to silence, this worthy son éton of the department of Lékié Central region.

In a recent video posted on social media, he who supports candidate Cabral Libii in the presidential election claims that his life has become a hell since he claimed to hold a personality list implicated in this plot. Death threats continue to rain on him and his family. But Franck Hubert Ateba remains serene and says he is ready to die as a martyr if not to protect his homeland.

Reporter: Destin MBALLA