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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Chantal Biya offers a 135 million car to her younger son

The regime's griots, the false prophets of patriotism send the children of others to die in the war against English speakers under the pretext of "defending the one and indivisible Cameroon". But, they themselves do not show the example by also sending their children to fight at the front.

Prince William of the United Kingdom served in the army for 7 years! Rescue helicopter pilot on the Royal Air Force base in Anglesey Island in Wales, he even was assigned to the frontline as part of NATO in Asia! He went to Afghanistan.

But in Cameroon, the children of the privileged go only in the big schools like ENAM, CUSS, EMIA, IRIC, Poliytec, Normal School, School of police to leave directly commissioner. Very often without a level, they are admitted without even presenting the contest, or knowing the tests and the answers to tackle in advance. It gives the loafers who are everywhere in our institutions!

Send the children of others to die at the front and keep theirs safe and offering them juicy posts, pompous gifts, princely weddings, travels in jets and five-star hotels, benefits provided by regulation!

It is at the moment when we learn that the 23-year-old soldiers, without a food ration, without ammunition, without a protective helmet, without bullet-proof vests, are killed like flies, that the First Lady offers to her son Paul Junior. Biya, a full option Range Rover worth 135 million!

What has he done for Cameroon to deserve such a gift in this period of scarcity where we recommend to the sons of others "do not ask what Cameroon has done for you, but what you have done for Cameroon "?

Why no nephew, cousin of the presidential family does not postulate for the 2600 soldiers that one wants to recruit to go to serve of the cannon fodder?

This ground must change!

Reporter: Philippe Kuisse