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Monday, September 10, 2018

CAN 2019: a hotel under construction has collapsed in Garoua

The CAN 2019 is fast approaching and preparations are also well underway for a successful competition in Cameroon, although experts say slowness in the repair of stadiums and other infrastructure.

Monday, September 10, a hotel under construction that should welcome football lovers collapsed in Garoua. For the moment, difficult to establish the damage.

Incidents that do not bode well for Cameroon, the organizing country of the CAN 2019 that would be late in the preparations.

The Cameroon could be considered defective due to delays in the construction of sports and road infrastructure.

The whistleblower Boris Bertolt acted the company of BEN MODO and evokes an organized crime at the top of the state to steal the billions of the CAN. A crime in complicity with the relatives of the head of state. The company took 24 billion, "he says.