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Friday, September 14, 2018

Cameroon Mount's renewed pressure to arrest Anglophone diaspora activists

A Secret Security document has surfaced within the public space in Cameroon, revealing heightened security plans hatched by Cameroonian Defence authorities to arrest some frontline Anglophone activists in the diaspora.

The document dated August 15, 2018 bearing the seal of the Delegate General for National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele, is addressed to all Cameroonian embassies around the globe, the International Police (Interpol) and the Director in charge of External Research.

According to the content of the confidential document, the outlined activists should be arrested and put at the disposal of the country’s security authorities. It indicates that in case of resistance, the persons concerned should be ‘wiped out’.

Those mentioned in the document are the Acting President of the Ambazonia Separatists’ Government, Samuel Sako Ikome. There is Christopher Anu, Spokesperson of the self-declared Ambazonia Interim Government.
There is also one time journalist with the State broadcaster, John Mbah Akoruh. Others include Ashu Kingsly Ndip, Tapang Ivo, Emma Larry Daniel, Success Nkongho, Mbu Taka Milton, Akoson Pauline, Eric Tataw Tano, and Mark Bareta.

The document drafted in strict security style indicates that, the move has been ordered at the highest level of the State. It does not mention the name of any authority as having ordered such arrests. The same piece calls for the execution of the order without errors.

However, a host of those mentioned in the document have been engaged in social media campaigns to enhance their separatists’ ideologies.

Such high level security instructions come after the arrest of the leader of the Ambazonia Movement Seseku Julius Ayuk Tabe and other members of his Government.

In January this year, operatives of Nigeria’s Department of State Security Services (DSS) swooped on Ayuk Tabe and members of his cabinet as they settled down for a meeting in Abuja.

Weeks after heightened concern over their whereabouts, the Nigerian authorities handed the separatists leaders to the Biya regime. Their case file is still within the preliminary stages of the judiciary

Government has condemned repeatedly calls from activists in the diaspora calling for the killing of security officers, the destruction of property of individuals and other State investments on infrastructure such as bridges.

Corporations which employed thousands of Cameroonians such as the Cameroon, Development Corporation (CDC), Pamol Plantation among others have crumbled owing to arson attacks and insecurity. State authorities and politicians of the ruling class have condemned such moves requesting for a halt to hostilities.