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Friday, September 28, 2018

Cameroon: discreet installation of sub-prefects in English-speaking area

Jdc | The new divisional officers of Tinto, Alo, Upper Bayang, Dikome Balue, in the Southwest region, and Njinikom, Misaje and Ako were all installed Tuesday in all discretion.

The people concerned were appointed on 19 September by the Head of State who also dismissed some directors who had deserted their duty station. With the exception of Agiy Oscar Bame, the late sub-prefect of Misaje (North-West) replaced by Thomas Tchana.

Information on the desertion of directors was made public on 12 September through a communiqué from the Secretary General of the Presidency, instructing Minister Paul Atanga Nji, to proceed with the "resettlement of the administrative authorities in the northern boroughs. West and Southwest. We learn that they had left their jobs because of the intensification of violence in the English-speaking areas, which are manifested by the abduction of local authorities.

Their installation took place more than ten days after the deadline set by the Secretary General of the Presidency, Without pomp.