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Friday, September 14, 2018

Cameroon Crisis: Population to sponsor medical bills of Soldier freed from captivity

A handful of inhabitants of the Kosala neighbourhood of Kumba South West Region of Cameroon are contributing money to help a soldier seek medical attention after spending four days in the burrow of gunmen.

The soldier whose names The National Times got only as Chef Caporal Romeo is an element attached to the kumba army rescue unit. Inhabitants say they have opted to help the military man seek medical attention as a sign of appreciation to God for sparing his life.

According to Martin Cho, an acquaintance of the soldier, Romeo surfaced around 8PM, Tuesday September 11 in the Kosala neighbourhood on a bike. Cho said mony had given up on the soldier returning alive as has been the case of security officers kidnapped within the context of the current crisis.

Recounting the kidnap of the soldier, Cho said around 11pm on Saturday September 8, gunmen abducted Romeo form a drinking spot popularly known as ‘The Peoples’ Bar’ in Kosala. He explained that, the abductors at the time of kidnap had asked the soldier to say his last prayers because he was not going to return alive.

Relatives and friends of the soldier had resorted to prayers after trying in vain to negotiate for his release. Romeo’s return triggered celebration that lasted into the night across the neighbourhood.

In a related development, while celebration was going on in the house of the soldier, gunmen reportedly stormed the house of a police officer in the same neighbourhood. Though the officer was not at home, the ‘visitors’ reportedly left a message to his kids. The gunmen reportedly demanded money as support t the separatist movement. The officer and wife were reportedly out of their home at the time the gunmen stormed.