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Friday, September 14, 2018

Buea: Celestin Djamen makes revelations about the Governor of South-West, says Governor no longer sleeps in Buea

The MRC activist spoke on the evening of September 11th during Equinox soiree, on the Equinox television channel.

Speaking of the Anglophone crisis, the former supporter of the SDF has fervently condemned the increased attacks in English-speaking areas.

On the escalation point of the crisis with the intensification of attacks in the northwest and southwest, the party's supporter for the rebirth worried about the state and the situation in which Benoit Okalia Bilai lives , governor of the southwest.

It is important to remember that Bernard Okalia Bilai was the victim of a terrorist attack when he was leaving to install a sub-prefect in Batibo. Since people in the public service are currently targets, no one knows who will be next.

In his speech, Celestin Djamen suggested that the Governor of the South West no longer sleeps in Buea because of repeated attacks. He would therefore be one of the people targeted by these secessionist attacks in the region.