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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Bloody Tuesdays in Buea as English-speaking separatists engaged the army in a fight

Clashes between English-speaking separatists and Cameroonian soldiers broke out Tuesday morning in Buea, the capital of the Anglophone South-West region in crisis, witnesses said.

"We heard gunshots in the area of ​​Mile 16", a peripheral neighborhood of Buea, confirmed a resident of the city. No record of fighting was available in the morning, the zone of clashes being inaccessible.

Soldiers, according to the same source, arrived quickly, forcing the separatists to withdraw from the area, after exchanges of fire.

The English-speaking regions of North-West and South-West are facing a serious crisis since the end of 2016 against the backdrop of the desire for independence of English-speaking Cameroon.

Fighting has become almost daily since then and the security situation has further deteriorated while a presidential election is scheduled for October 7 in the country.

The separatists have announced that the vote will not be held in English-speaking Cameroon, but the authorities promise that it will indeed take place.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, a bus driver was killed and several people wounded in an attack, a few kilometers from Bamenda, the capital of the North West region.

Following this attack, the authorities established a night curfew throughout the region from 18:00 to 6:00 am for an indefinite period.

In English-speaking Cameroon, 109 members of the security and security forces have been killed, according to the government, which describes the separatists as "terrorists".

The number of victims recorded among separatists is not known. Several hundred civilians are said to have lost their lives in the conflict, according to NGOs.