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Friday, September 14, 2018

Biya scoring below 78% at October polls is a failure-Ruling Party Scribe

The Secretary General of Cameroon’s ruling CPDM party (Cameroon’s Peoples’ Democratic Movement) of incumbent President Biya, Jean Kuete says scoring below 78 percent at the October 7 polls for the party’ candidate will be considered a failure.

Speaking at the Yaoundé Congress Centre on Wednesday September 12 ,Jean Kuete informed party stalwarts that anything lower than 78% would be considered a failure on their part to woo voters.

According to the CPDM Scribe, it would be a disappointment to the party Chairman and Presidential candidate Paul Biya.

Jean Kuete, challenged the regional and divisional coordinators present to invade the traditional media and be ‘creative in their use of the social media’. According to him the social media is an important aspect of communication in recent times.

The meeting was aimed at drawing campaign strategies on behalf of the party’s candidate. Biya, 85 is seeking to extent his 36 year reign.

In the 2011 presidential election, the party scored 78% of the votes at the election. This year, Paul Biya would be facing 8 other candidates. Most of the candidates are new comers in the presidential race.

Paul Biya is still out of the country. It is over a week after the China-Africa summit ended and it is still not clear when the incumbent would arrive Cameroon.

In the last election, Paul Biya scored 3,772,527 votes putting him on position number one at 77.99%. Social Democratic Front, SDF candidate, John Fru Ndi came second with 518,175 votes making 10.71%.

This year, Fru Ndi and many others who took part in the 2011 election have handed over to younger candidates.