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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Atanga Nji: "Terrorists who perpetuate the climate of fear will be hunted down to their last entrenchments"

Invited by CRTV's 13h newspaper this September 10, 2018, the Minister of Territorial Administration has been threatening the separatists who committed abuses. Invited to the CRTV's 13h newspaper on August 10, 2018, the Minister of Territorial Administration has been threatening the separatists who committed abuses.

Paul Atanga Nji is in conclave since this Monday with the governors of the ten regions. On the menu of exchanges, the security situation in the North-West and South-West regions and the preparation of the presidential election of October 7, 2018. The Minister of Territorial Administration was the guest of the newspaper of the day on the antennas of CRTV radio . offers the entire interview. The questions have been redrafted by the editor:

Question: What are the topics on the agenda of the biannual regional governors conference held this morning in Yaounde?

Atanga Nji  : The Head of State commissioned me to bring together the governors of the regions to make an assessment of the security situation in the country. Overall, we have a major challenge that is the presidential election to be held on October 7, 2018. So it is a matter of making an assessment of the security situation, the activities of political parties, the socio-economic and cultural situation of the regions. To this end, each governor, logically, gives us a picture and at the end of the work, they leave with the high directives of the Head of State in terms of maintaining security.

Question: The work is being held in a context marked by the presidential election. What are the measures envisaged for an election without incidents?

Atanga Nji  : The presidential election is a crucial deadline. The Head of State had said that appropriate measures will be taken to ensure that the elections are held in tranquility and serenity. So we are in continuity with these high directives of the Head of State. ELECAM is an independent body, but needs the support of the State for the security of the electoral process. The Head of State instructed us to put the necessary mechanisms to ensure that the process is secure and that even the candidates for election, benefit from the security supervision. But should each candidate send his or her program of work to the governor concerned? That way, according to this one, the governors will put at their disposal the security framework so that they can deploy on the ground without any problem.

Question: The security situation is worrying in English-speaking regions. What is envisaged?

Atanga Nji  : Overall, the security situation is calm. But there are disturbances in the northwestern and southwestern regions. In these areas there will be special measures. The elections will be held in 360 districts of Cameroon. Governors, prefects, sub-prefects, defense and security forces will take appropriate measures. It is for this reason that we once again say that the troublemakers, the terrorists who are in the bush and continue to perpetuate the climate of hatred and fear, that they keep quiet, they will chase down to their last entrenchments . There will be no respite. Nothing can justify atrocities that are happening. Horrible scenes and our regret is that the international NGOs are silent on these atrocities while these NGOs are always criticizing the government. These are the facts: we go to schools, we take children aged 15 to 18 who are molested, beaten, raped and kept until we pay ransoms to release them; the defense forces are attacked, teachers are attacked; they are atrocities of extreme gravity. So we have taken the national and international view to witness that international NGOs do not say anything about the atrocities committed in the North West and South West regions and that is unfortunate.