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Friday, September 28, 2018

Army Dismantle Secessionist Basis In Mbengwi

Military operations launched against terrorists in Ambazonia continue to bear fruit.

The Army, during a meteoric advance, smashed a secessionist base in Mbengwi, a locality in the Momo Department, North West Region.

The Cameroonian army according to concordant sources managed in record time to destroy this secessionist camp and neutralize a dozen of them

"Many abuses committed by armed gangs against civilians were coordinated since training camp," says security source

Another good news, the army also released a hostage, a retired former gendarme who had been kidnapped by secessionist fighters a few days ago

The North-West and South-West regions have been shaken since October 2016 by corporatist claims that have taken on the socio-political and identity staining.

A tiny part of the English-speaking Cameroonians, who are 20% of the population, claim the secession of the country and the creation of the state of Ambazonia.