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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Are secessionists really laying down their arms?

According to the "Minister of Territorial Administration", Paul Atanga Nji, the secessionists voluntarily laid down their arms. 

After uttering threats aimed at spreading panic among the Cameroonian population, the secessionists, incendiaries and assassins, would have returned to better feelings. This is in fact what wants to believe the Minister Paul Atanga Nji, for which ambazoniens surrender to the authorities.

A news that pleases some Cameroonians and leave others in doubt. If a handful of people think that

secessionist disposal of weapons is safe, this is not the case for everyone.

Many believe that the government should be cautious about this situation: "I do not understand how these people can claim to lay down their arms. It must be a strategy to hit again, I do not trust them, "says a young student very worried. For her part, mom Anne, housewife, believes that this initiative secessionist is blurred. "After killing so many innocent people, how is it possible that these killers decide to lay down their arms so easily? She asks, adding that "these people have an idea behind their heads".

However, this reaction of the secessionists reassures the government which manifests its optimism through the MINAT which believes in a sincere conversion of these "assassins of yesterday". It is still worth wondering what are the reasons for this withdrawal so sudden, when we know that said secessionists have promised to put Cameroon on fire and blood.

The action of the secessionists comes at a time when the candidates for the presidential election are campaigning. It is also the period during which these destabilizers of the republic affirmed that they would act without mercy, even if to pour a lot of blood.