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Thursday, September 13, 2018


The educational community, and particularly that of the Bui department in the North West region, has been the victim of one of the atrocities perpetrated by the separatist forces.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2018 was the world day dedicated to the fight against terrorism, this in memory of the attack that had decimated many Americans. While the whole world remembered this sad memory, the militia of the separatist movement of the virtual republic of Ambazonia kidnapped the director of secondary education college (CES) Mbveh Kumbo in the department of Bui.

According to concordant information, it was at the local mosque that these kidnappers came to pick him up before driving him to an unknown destination.He is still in captivity. In Bali, the defense and security forces anticipated an attack on the gendarmerie brigade.

Indeed, informs a security source, the attackers planned to attack the brigade when an informer informed them. This is how the pandores have stripped themselves of their fighting. The attackers set the course for the brigade.They were surprised by gendarmes on alert who opened fire.

The information is clear and clear. Three attackers were neutralized on the field. A fourth was captured. And the fifth who had fled caught by a real bullet to Nakah, at the entrance of Bamenda. He has returned the soul. Cooked, the one who was captured has hinted, informs our source, that they (attackers) planned to attack Up Station, the administrative district of Bamenda on September 30, the day before the independence of their territory of Amazonia. It is still under exploitation in the hands of the defense and security forces. Also yesterday there was an exchange of fire between Adf militia and government forces in Naka, Mile 90, Mbatu and Chomba respectively.

Indeed, in the morning of Tuesday, separatists arrested some cars in Naka.They told drivers to barricade the road with their vehicles. After deflating the wheels, they forced the drivers to spin in English. Which caused a plug. Impressed, the defense and security forces descended on the scene.

There was an exchange of fire between the belligerents. At the time of going to press, the death toll was not yet available. In Buea, we learned that the separatists burned five vehicles including a truck in the morning. This incident caused the population to hide at home.

Source: The Messenger