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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Anglophone Crisis: The City Of Buea Almost Empty Of It's Population

On this morning of September 12, we saw the 17 mile bus station, amplify a lot of people with bags, suitcases, mattresses and many more.

This is following the announcement by a video of secessionists who banned traffic and intercity travel in the northwestern and southwestern regions on September 25th.

It is important to note that after the attack on Tuesday that made a balance sheet of 3 separatists killed, the agency Love Mezam on the heavy axis Bamenda-Bafoussam, the nationals of these two regions remained in panic and psychosis.

After this attack, the governor of the North West Region signed a statement declaring a curfew and suspending overnight travel.

The inhabitants of Buea stormed the station where they took buses mainly to localities in the French-speaking part where they believe they are at peace.