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Friday, September 14, 2018


The MRC activist spoke on the evening of September 11th during "Eqinoxe soir" on the Equinox television channel.

Speaking of the Anglophone crisis, the former supporter of the SDF has fervently condemned the increased attacks in English-speaking areas.

He also called the students back to the paths of their schools. In addition, questioned about the attack of September 8th, CĂ©lestin Ndjamen put the damage on the state and on the Cameroonian army in particular.

For him, Saturday's attack is inexplicable. This is how he said: "the security forces are complicit". In other words, this assault was perpetrated through the Cameroonian soldiers.
It is important to remember that on the night of Saturday 8 to Sunday 9 September, the separatists attacked the Bamenda-Bafoussam road users.

Through this attack, they destroyed five buses of the agency "Love Mezam" and completely defeated the road, paralyzing the traffic. The attack made a death toll of the driver of the transport agency "Mogamo" and several wounded.