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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Anglophone Crisis: Buea DO forbids Anglophones from travelling to Douala, Yaounde

The Divisional Officer of Buea (DO) Kouam Wokam Paul, has banned inhabitants of Buea from travelling to Douala.

The DO told Anglophones fleeing out of the trouble-plagued South West Region to travel to Limbe or Kumba but not Douala. The DO stormed the Mile 17 Motor Park with troops early Saturday morning to ensure that the decision is implemented.

Buses plying the Buea-Douala Highway were stopped by the DO, who ordered travellers out of the buses. Kouam Wokam added that only persons with private cars can travel to Douala if they must go to Douala.

The DO demanded to know why the population of the South West Region is deserting the Region.

“Why are people leaving Buea? Henceforth no bus will travel to Douala; they should travel to Limbe or Kumba. Any bus driver who will disobey my orders will be punished severely,” the DO told commuters and bus drivers.

The ban is as a result of an unprecedented influx of persons into Douala, Yaounde and Bafoussam since Tuesday, September 11, 2018, following the deadliest confrontation between Pro-independence fighters and the Military and also the tense atmosphere in the Region as October 1 and 7 looms.

The prohibition of buses to Douala has put Buea denizens in a dicey situation with an uncertain future.

A communique from the Ambazonia Interim Government says there should be total ghost town from October 5 to 8.