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Friday, September 14, 2018

Ambazonia: outdated, General Agha Robinson calls for help

Cameroonian soldiers fighting armed separatists in the North West region are ready to work with the population to eradicate the increased insecurity in the region. Brigadier-General Agha Robinson, of the 5th military region based in Bamenda, said during a recent meeting with the press.

This meeting, initiated by the highest security chief of the North West region, was simply to use the media to promote collaboration between the army and the people.

During the meeting, Brigadier General Agha called on the people of the North-West to create self-defense groups, defend their rights and put an end to the threats and other atrocities committed by armed secessionist forces in their communities.

While regretting that the army could not be everywhere at the same time, the senior military official implored the population to avoid fear and to create self-defense groups in each neighborhood.

"The protection of schools and the population depends on all of us, it is a partnership, in the neighborhoods we should create self-defense groups, we should have deployed our soldiers for patrols, we are also securing schools, but we can not be everywhere, "he said.

The commander of the 5th military region urged religious leaders and the population to denounce secessionist atrocities. "They can not kidnap directors, schoolchildren and we remain quiet, we have to denounce these guys and denounce their hideouts, we have to sue them and bring them to justice, we will not continue to tolerate that kind of attitude." recalled General Agha.