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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Ambazonia: Oku's traditional chief released

The traditional chief of Oku, a locality located in the Bui department (northwestern region of Cameroon) was released last Friday. His Majesty Sentieh II Martin Yosimbom was held captive by unidentified individuals who, on 29 August, had kidnapped him and taken him to an unknown destination.

They then laid down ten conditions for his release, including the demilitarization of the area and the holding of a reconciliation meeting. They also demanded an apology from the kidnapped Fon for his remarks made at the beginning of the crisis against the secessionists.

It is difficult to know if Philemon Yang, the Cameroonian Prime Minister, to whom these grievances were addressed, has a direct relationship with the release of His Majesty Sentieh II Martin Yosimbom. When these conditions were published, relatives of the head of the government had suggested that he would distance himself from this situation. This thickens the mystery about the circumstances of the release of Oku's Fon.