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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Alleged Secessionist Attack Planing, Dozens Of People Arrested In The River City, Kribi

City of Kribi

Cin | A raid was carried out in the night of Saturday to Sunday in all the nightclubs and snack bars of the city. According to a security source, the threat of an attack would weigh on the chief town of the Ocean Department.

The intelligence services of the city of Kribi, and even those in Yaoundé, have received reports that people still unidentified and presented as members of the Republic of Ambazonia have entered the city with a large stockpile of weapons. war and ammunition. These people are preparing to sow chaos and desolation among the population, and to hit some of the hotspots of the city.

So these to track down these alleged troublemakers that a beat was organized in the night of Saturday to Sunday by the city's law enforcement forces, led by the central commissioner, the chief police commissioner Raymond Maan . According to Le Messager Monday, September 10, 2018, the operation began around two o'clock in the morning with hundreds of police and gendarmes who have caught all the nightclubs and snack bars in the city, without exception.

Nearly a thousand people were taken to the central police station in Kribi. Several were released after identification, while others are still in custody. These are those who have not been able to present an identity card, or suspicious individuals with no documents or no benchmark, we learned.

The Messenger informs that in Kribi, the psychosis is all the greater as the Head of State is announced in the city as part of his presidential campaign. Paul Biya will inaugurate the port of Kribi. For some, this roundup would serve to give more security to the Head of State as it is the case every time he goes to go officially in a city.