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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Accident of Aminatou Ahidjo's convoy: this is what really happened

Aminatou Ahidjo was leaving the palace of the traditional Mankon chieftaincy when the accident occurred near the Mile 7 police station in Bamenda. Some soldiers who were part of the convoy had to jump out of their vehicle to save themselves.

The injured were taken to a hospital in the city of Bamenda. The number of victims has not yet been made public.

The youngest daughter of the former president of Cameroon and chairman of the Yaounde Congress Palace was in the region to campaign for Paul Biya.

She made her controversial entry into the CPDM in 2013, amid criticism of how she betrayed her family who was an open opponent to the regime. In a panel published on 21 September, she reiterated her full support for President Paul Biya.

"I pledge to support once again his Excellency Paul Biya, in the 2018 presidential election. Through this approach, I will go meet you, girls and son of our beautiful country, where you are because the pulse of Cameroon, cradle of our ancestors, beats in each of our regions. Let's all mobilize to vote the candidate Paul Biya, national president of the CPDM, on October 07, 2018, "she wrote.