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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A bodyguard of Franck Biya taken for a secessionist in Douala

According to the first information about the events of the SAWA hotel this late afternoon, unlike the information broadcast by the Embassy of France, it was not about bandits, let alone false alarm as the claims the coastal governor but an incident between the bodyguards of Patrick Ekema, mayor of Buea and a bodyguard Franck Biya, son of Paul Biya.

According to our information, Franck Biya arrived at the SAWA hotel more than 48 hours ago. His favorite hotel as the economic elite of the capital. But for more months, given the crisis in English, Patrick Ekema stays there regularly.

This afternoon, Ekema, the man who is dragged into the video like a thug (well, it's a fake diploma, so he's not far from that) drank alcohol with some of his friends.Having around him armed men, a mini militia that does not belong to the security forces, one of his guys will see the weapon of one of the bodyguards of Franck Biya.

Panicked, he shoots and shouts Ambazonia. General panic. The BIR and the army are deployed. These minutes after they realize that this is the bodyguard of the president's son.

The Ekema militia was first boarded to be auditioned.

Reporter: Boris Bertolt