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Thursday, September 13, 2018

60 years after his death, 13 September 1958-13 September 2018, 2nd child of Ruben Um Nyobe, Hermine Um Nyobe, tells of the difficult life of the Nationalist

"Our dad's story was not told to us. I learn it like that. By means of writings, media, like everyone else. I would have liked, let him raise me, that he would inculcate this nation, that I could call him daddy, that I would hold him in my arms ", in an interview carried out on the occasion of the commemoration the disappearance of the "Mpodol".

On September 13, 2018, Cameroon commemorates the 60th anniversary of the disappearance of "Mpodol" Ruben Um Nyobe. The hero of the struggle for independence of Cameroon was assassinated on September 13, 1958 by the French colonial forces. On the eve of this anniversary, one of his four children still alive gave an exclusive testimony. Interviewed on online television by our colleague Jacky Moiffo, Hermine Victorine Ngo Um Nyobe, born August 13, 1953 and 2 nd of the 3 daughters of Um Nyobe, told the difficult daily life of the Cameroonian nationalist leader's children.

In this interview, posted on September 12, 2018, she reports that her father felt that he would not live long, had removed them, putting them in friendly families, for their safety. Citing her personal case, this woman who did not know her father indicates that she was forced to live apart from other children her age at school and avoided moving away from the family home.

She says she discovers her real mother, Marthe Um Nyobe (95 years old today), at the age of 14 when she starts secondary school and joined her father's family . Studies that will continue as in the past under a false identity for obvious reasons of security. "I did not have the actual birth certificate. I evolved under a nominee. I was called NGO OUM with "O". There was no Nyobe. Something had to be done to enable me to at least go to school: to have a certain identity " .

 Later, Hermine will seek to know more about her father hero but will face difficulties. The sad character of the story will cause one of his guardians to start crying when it comes to Um Nyobe.

"Our dad's story was not told to us. I learn it like that. By means of writings, media, like everyone else. I would have liked him to raise me, to inculcate that nation, to call him daddy, to embrace him in my arms . "  

Hermine Ngo Um Nyobe confides that her descendants have been stigmatized, traumatized. Like this grandson of the hero, his own son, who bore the full name of Ruben Um Nyobe but who for this reason was refused at the Center School in Yaounde.

Hermine Um Nyobe has been living in France since June 2011 thanks to a medical evacuation (from Cameroon) which allowed her to be treated at La PitiĆ©-Salpetriere hospital from 2011 to 2012. Having recovered health she stayed in France to carry out medical checks. Her older sister, first born, is now dead. Like 2 other children from Um Nyobe.  

Source: Cin