Saturday, September 29, 2018

26 years later, the circumstances of the death of Irene Biya finally clarified

On July 29, 1992, the whole Cameroonian people was bruised when they learned of the death of the first lady Jeanne-Irène Biya. While official sources believe that the first lady died after a short illness, several relatives of the presidential couple rather evoke the thesis of an assassination.

Among these, Daniel Yves Ebalé Angounou. In his book "The Real Face of Paul Biya", the writer unveils some little-known aspects of the last hours of the former first lady. Extract…

Jeanne-Irene can not take it anymore; she feels that she, too, has the right to happiness. Will she live forever as a hostage tortured by her executioner? Has not she already given everything for him?She still hoped that he would eventually make amends. But at the pace where things go, nothing is now certain. This man has poured himself into practices that she can not bear. But he is quite comfortable with it. Therefore, there is no need to prolong this cohabitation. Perhaps he could finally listen to it, understand it, and give it back its freedom?

But Paul Biya is firm: zero divorce. The power has its constraints, its requirements, its benefits, certainly, which are also very numerous, but it is very demanding.Especially when you want to exercise in a certain context. Jeanne-Irene does not want to hear anything like that. She is the one who suffers and not him. He leads his life as he sees fit, while she is a captive.

His last hope is that he will give up the next presidential election. Because, all he does there is to hold the power firmly. If he renounced it, his life would change; he will surely become a man like everyone else.But the President will teach him that he does not intend to resign when he has just given democracy to Cameroonians; it will go to the end by refining the democratic process. He plans to run for another term.Moreover he will anticipate the presidential elections which he will soon make public.

That means for Jeanne-Irene that she is not ready to leave the inn, because the magical maneuvers and witches of the President will continue. She will continue to be humiliated in her home and the iron curtain that has risen between them will intensify and will not give way soon. But there is something more revolting to her: for a very long time she bore the reproach of a sterile woman, even though she is not one of them. During all these years he has only healed to procreate.

Clinically, he has just been declared able to finally give life to children. A trip to Europe gave him confirmation. Only, Paul Biya thinks he will remarry; to marry a young girl who will be able to have many children instead of looking for them with an old woman who, if she has not already entered menopause, no longer has the physical resources necessary to support her. deliveries at her age. The worst thing about all this is that he does not intend to release her. Rather, he counts, in defiance of the law, to enter polygamy.

The legal approach in their case would be to divorce, to remarry under a polygamous regime, in order to be able to take a second wife. But he finds this procedure very restrictive. So he thinks he will abbreviate by transcending the law. Is he not the Head of State, President of the Republic and Supreme Magistrate? Who could lift a finger to accuse him of breaking the law?The law is made for others and not for him.If he is not above the law he is the law, and this is done not to complicate his existence but to protect him particularly. If his colleague from Gabon, Omar Bongo, married a girl, even a daughter of President, why would not he?

What does he still have to worry about a woman of a certain age and a certain age when the trend is for girls now? They are beautiful, exciting, intoxicating. All this he expressed to Jeanne-Irene in the coldest possible way. She perceived these remarks as a painful insult, and a great deal of ingratitude, after all the sacrifices she made for him out of love. So that's how he will thank her ...? The President tells him that he has no choice, things can only go as he wants to guide them.

So overcome by so much egoism, cynicism, and sadism, Jeanne-Irene tells her husband that in this case, let him be sure that she will campaign against him in the next elections; she will explain to all the women of Cameroon, their daughters, their sons and their husbands the miseries he has endured since he became head of state, and this act of ingratitude that he announces now that he can procreate, while she has borne all her life that one thinks it was her, the problem in their homes, because she hoped that he would heal from his harm and that from then on they would have offspring. - I swear I'll do it, Paul. She does not have to swear to him.He knows that she will do it and able to gravity. Jeanne-Irene, whom Cameroonians love very much, and to whom they are deeply bound by an intense sympathy.

They will act in solidarity with her and will sympathize. Even his allies and accomplices of the CPDM will surely release him. In any case, he should not be allowed time to put his threats into effect.She has very strong personality, and character. Unhappy, you will not do it. That hard and bad look. This sneer, Jeanne-Irene has chills. You do not have to be an ostrich, you have to face the truth when the evidence is there: he's going to kill her. She knows he is not a joke; when it comes to his power, his armchair to preserve, he is ready for anything. Does not he always say that in each case his solution?

In the panic, she summons her nephew, the aide-de-camp of the President, to present the situation to him and to beg him to help him flee. But the other tries to reassure her.- Since I tell you he threatened me with death, Roger ... He will kill me! It is true that he would do it without a state of mind. But Roger is neither alarmist nor pessimist: - Calm down my mother, he can do it to everyone, not to you. Some time later, she learns that her husband will go to Dakar for a summit of heads of state. This is still intriguing because she knows he is the champion of boycotts summits of heads of state. Even at the level of La Francophonie, he is very badly disposed. Where does it come from, that he suddenly decides to go to a summit at the limit and without big stakes?

The question will arise in the head of the wife of the Head of State with more pressure when she learns that her husband has summoned the chief of his security, the Divisional Commissioner Minlo'o Medjo Pierre, who, notwithstanding his appearance as a committed Christian, is a butcher whom scruples suffocate.Normally, the meeting between the two men would not have worried Jeanne-Irene.But in their context, and knowing her husband, she asks herself a thousand questions. And in fact, the words of Paul Biya after his interview with his collaborator are known: - When I return, I do not want to find her alive. Minlo'o certainly has sympathy for the wife, but he is at the service of the husband. So he must kill Jeanne-Irene, it's an order. She knows it's time to leave. Paul avoided it. He did not tell him he was traveling.

That is to say that it is not easy to simulate at this point, in front of someone that one decided to make die. It is rather Roger Motaze who comes to her, all broken with sorrow, melancholy and bitterness. - Mother, we're leaving.

And he burst into tears. She has been a mother to him since childhood. He grew up in his hands, son of his sister. - I asked you to help me escape, you did not do it. Now why are you still crying? - My mother, I can betray my uncle, but I can not betray my President. He trust me. She too trusted him ... - And I swore honor and loyalty. Not her.When he leaves the Palace of Unity that day, Motaze knows he will not see his aunt alive again. The power is really absurd.

In Dakar the heads of state are in conclave when Paul Biya gets up to express to his peers the terrible news. What happened ?The comment of Charles Ndongo, journalist who accompanied the head of state, will instruct us. The former journalist of the President, in his report on the subject, said that Paul Biya, knowing that he had left his wife very ill in the country, expected the worst. But duty called him in Dakar. So he was waiting for news at any moment. He felt anxious, embarrassed. Then his aide-de-camp approached at one point to communicate the news.

Then Paul Biya stood up to say solemnly: "They have just announced to me a terrible news: my wife is dead". We are in August 1992. A close look, Charles Ndongo, brilliant journalist, is not a naive. And between the lines we can detect his message. Because a husband who loves his wife can not move when he knows that it may make the soul after him. Paul Biya showed impatience to the point of consulting his watch. He had the details of his wife's execution. He knew that once the operation was completed, it would be announced to him. He even knew at what time the blow would take place.

The slightest delay exasperated him because he was afraid of a failure: this kind of blow must absolutely succeed. The African peers of Paul Biya were not fooled because, they scented the circle. They know each other well enough. This explains why there was no head of state around him for religious services. Just messages of condolence where one would have massively come to pay homage to that which was lady Biya. Even their wives, of whom the deceased had many friends, did not take the trouble to move. It was a boycott because all were unhappy with Paul Biya they were disassociated.

If President Mobutu comes to assist Paul Biya, which is quite understandable when we know that the two men were in the same practices. This meant that Dakar was an alibi for Paul Biya who, having decided on the death of his wife, had judged the opportunity to be out of the country when the assassination of it was perpetrated.Having learned of the death of Jeanne-Irene, the President returns immediately to the country. He realizes then that the deceased received a few hours ago nuns.He panics. These are the friends and confidants of his ex-wife. Would she not have given them secrets that could compromise her as she promised to do?

Acting in accordance with the concerns of the President of the Republic, Minlo'o Medjo will dispatch an emergency commando to Djoum. An intrusion is made in the premises of the good sisters. They will be brutalized, tortured, mistreated, and finally killed after they confess. One of the two tapes in which the deceased had recorded revelations about her life with her husband is recovered. The other was transmitted to the Abbot Amougou of the diocese of Sangmélima, by the nuns. After the mass he will celebrate at the funeral of Jeanne-Irene, this priest will be found dead in a very curious and inexplicable way. The secret should absolutely surround the circumstances and conditions of Jeanne-Irene's death.

All those who were likely to say something had to disappear. Starting with those who executed it, elements of a special division of presidential security, shot by their colleagues. After shooting down Jeanne-Irène and the nuns of Djoum, they too went to the pan. The medical examiner who issued the death certificate was executed, as were women of the Catholic Church who had taken the remains of Jeanne-Irene.

This body was retracted to the Cameroonians because they had in their presence, a body mutilated by three bullets automatic pistol. Now, we wanted to make believe that she was sick and died. That's not counting with his program. Because she had an exit to perform the day after the day of her death. She had to go with Yaou Aïssatou then minister in charge of the promotion of the woman, in the zone of Obala for the visit of a field of mushrooms realized by an association of rural women.

If his state of health would not have allowed him, the program would have been canceled. However, one day before the release date, so the day of her death, Jeanne-Irene received Yaou Aïssatou and the two women had studied the outlines of the ceremony of the next day whose date had been maintained. That is to say that she was in perfect health and Paul Biya while going to Dakar, did not leave behind a wife physically badly in point, as wanted to suggest it the official versions, trying to justify the sudden death of the first lady.