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Friday, August 3, 2018

Yaoundé Supermarket: God sent Mary stopped by

What happened at "Dovv Essos" a rich woman stopped by and asked people who are already shopping to take what ever they want, according to sources, the God sent Mary spent billions of FCFA. 

The sudden "generosity" of a lady in a supermarket in this Yaoundé district almost caused a riot.

Onlookers at a place called "Mobil Essos" are convinced: "God sent Mary to give us money". This explains their massive and disorderly presence, yesterday 01st August, on the crossroads at the edge from which stand the three levels of the building of ocher color, which houses the supermarket "Dovv".

Because, it is towards this big surface that all the attentions focus. "She's still here," screams one  young, ragged look; "They also want to take their share," thinks another. "They" are elements of the law enforcement forces that prevent the crowd from taking the supermarket by storm.

File from 237news