Sunday, August 12, 2018

Without a visa, the SDF will no longer be able to support Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria

Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria /  UNHCR

" The reason we were not granted this green light is unknown. But we are in politics. In this area you will always find people who will try to put you in the wheel, "regrets Balick Awah Fidelis, Mayor of Bamenda II, coordinator of the reception and the redistribution of these gifts within the SDF.

For nearly six months, the SDF has made the resolution to visit Cameroonians who had fled the English-speaking crisis and had fled to neighboring Nigeria. The party of John Fru Ndi had solicited donations in kind and in kind of souls of good will. This is to gather food and other items to help those needy compatriots.

These donations gathered long ago, the leader of the main Cameroonian opposition party had requested a visa at the diplomatic mission of the country of Mohamadu Buhari in Cameroon to visit these refugees. The diplomatic mission has still not responded favorably to the request of the Sdf. " Unfortunately, the visa, the green light to transport these commodities to Nigeria was not granted, " regrets Balick Awah Fidelis, mayor of Bamenda II.

The Messenger of Friday, August 10, 2018 says that tired of waiting, the SDF has decided to distribute these gifts to the internally displaced. " This is the quintessence of the meeting that the coordinator had with the press on August 7, 2018 in Bamenda. He presented this contingent consisting of sacks of rice, beans, tapioca, cans of vegetable oil, palm oil, blankets, clothing, shoes, soaps, etc. but also drugs to men and women of the media, "we learn.

According to the newspaper, if the priority is the IDPs living in the two regions of North-West and South-West, the mayor of Bamenda II does not exclude the extension of this largesse of the party of May 26, 1990 to other displaced persons from these two English-speaking regions currently in the other regions of Cameroon.

However, the SDF is not abandoning the possibility of assistance to refugees in Nigeria. " In due course we will, " said Balick Awah Fidelis, who also invites all IDPs to approach the leaders of the SDF in different constituencies. These officials will liaise with the coordination who will take care of conveying the help to the interested parties.