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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Urban Community of Douala: Fritz Ntonè Ntonè forced to seal the office of the municipal receiver who refuses for 3 years to go to retirement

Cin | The Delegate of the government with the Urban Community of Douala has gotten away with one of his collaborators. Jean Claude Mbarga, since this is him, the municipal receiver admitted to claiming his rights to retire since 2015, continues to occupy his office.

To force the latter to free the premises, Fritz Ntonè Ntonè signed, on August 22, a decision on "cessation of service" Jean Claude Mbarga. At the same time, reports Info Meeting on Friday, August 24, 2018, the first municipal magistrate of the city of Douala has appointed in an interim position Ms. Halima Touko Marlyse. "The outgoing municipal receiver will make all the necessary arrangements for the transfer of service," the note says.

To say how much the reports had become execrable between the two men, Fritz Ntonè Ntonè reminded the "rebellion" that "the diligence necessary for the liberation of his official home will have to take place in the same order and cannot be extended to beyond the week. In other words, the "recalcitrant" will be, by all legal means and in less than a week, expelled from the house he has unduly occupied for almost 3 years.

This "strong" decision by Fritz Ntonè Ntonè follows Jean Claude Mbarga's refusal to obey, already concerned by a circular of 12 November 2015 concerning the cessation of services of public officials eligible to claim their pension rights.

According to the newspaper, for the proper execution of its decision, the Government Delegate to the Urban Community of Douala asked the inspector general of services, the head of the stock accountancy, the director of the municipal police and to the Head of the Legal Affairs Division, each in his respective capacity, to ensure "the preservation of the movable and immovable property (of the CUD) And the implementation of the provisions" of its measure.