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Monday, August 27, 2018

Under the leadership of Minister Gregory Owona, Nyong and So'o collect 50 million FCFA for the campaign of Paul Biya

CIN | "Our activists need more than in the past, and taking into account the demands of the current context and the evolution of society, to be citizen and responsible activists". It was with these terms that Gregory Owona ended a nearly three-hour meeting attended by leading personalities, including: Martin Mbarga Nguelé, General Delegate for National Security, Senator Eliane Koungou, Amougou Armathé, Head of the Permanent Departmental Delegation for Nyong and So'o and Mayor Zang Mba.

According to Le Messager of Monday, August 27, 2018, the heads of all the basic organs of the CPDM (permanent departmental delegation, basic committees and cells) also participated in these exchanges. It was a question of identifying points of convergence for the upcoming presidential election, and above all, " guaranteeing a historic plebiscite for Paul Biya, the only candidate guaranteeing peace and development in Cameroon ".

To achieve this, "an effective organization based on local actions will be gradually implemented for the official period of the campaign that will run from September 24 to October 6, 2018," we learn.

It is aware of these objectives that activists, under the impetus of Grégoire Owona and Martin Mbarga Nguelé, have undertaken to finalize the assessment started on March 11th. With the contributions received today, the pot has reached the sum of 50 million FCFA, according to the treasurer of this operation, Mr. Dominique Abessolo.

" This money will help finance the campaign candidate Paul Biya, convinced to win the election of October 7 and retain the right, the throne on which he sits since 1982, " writes Le Messager.