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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Tragedy As A Gendarme Killed A Driver In Bamboutos Region Of Cameroon

Shot by Constable Kameni, Arnaud, 33, died a few hours after the tragedy.
The city of Batcham, in the Bamboutos region, western region, was in turmoil on Wednesday, 01st August. This, because of an act described as a smear of a constable on duty in this unit. According to information gleaned, the scene takes place around 08:00, at the checkpoint, between Batchamchefferie and Balenssing, a few kilometers from Mbouda. Where the young Arnaud, 33 years old and in a van carrying crates of tomatoes, was arrested by the Constable Kaméni (promotion 2012-2013, Ed). He refuses to obey. Clear and crisp information.

Constable "Lucky-Luck" jumps on a motorcycle and starts the manhunt. He fires two shots. A third, then a last, which will eventually fatally reach the "fugitive" at the wheel of his car, in front of his conveyor and a helpless passenger aboard. Suddenly, the situation flares up.

The gendarmerie station is beset by Batcham populations in fury, and those from Baleng (Bafoussam), who try to find the gendarme in vain, to fight with him. The head of the post will be molested on purpose, while begging his executioners "bendskineurs", arguing that he does not know where his colleague is. Thanks to the intervention of the Bamboutos prefect, Ernest Ewango Budu, who went down to the field with his staff, the situation will be under control.

Seriously injured, the driver was transported to sisters located in the Fielah district of Batcham. Incompetent in his case, the hospital training ordered him to be transferred to the Regional Hospital Bafoussam, under heavy escort. Despite all the efforts of emergency doctors and nurses mobilized to save the young Arnaud, the victim who writhed terrible pain, finally succumbed after losing a lot of blood. He leaves behind him, his wife, his children and a grieving family who is now mourning.

Informed, Western Region Governor Awa Fonka Augustine ordered urgent action. They boil down to the removal of the checkpoint in question, until further notice. The prosecutor in the Bamboutos courts sees punishment in accordance with the law, while Constable Kameni will be brought before the military court.

Source: Camrbe