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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Traffic Accidents: This is the cause of 80% road accident in Cameroon

According to various studies, 80% of accidents are caused by speeding, overloading, fanciful overtaking and poor parking, among others.

The image of the accident occurred last weekend at a place called Pont de la Vina, 18 km from Ngaoundéré and killed Alain Prosper Abah Abah, sub-prefect of Figuil in the North, his pregnant wife , and his 16-year-old son is still fresh in his mind. In question, a freight truck parked without traffic lights on the descent of a work of art. The driver of the "chef de terre", surprised by the poorly parked truck, found himself, despite himself, hitting him in the back.

Last February, trucks killed nine people in three accidents in two days in Yaounde. The survivors of these various accidents will have indelible consequences throughout their lives. Disasters that are far from isolated cases. According to a report sent by the Ministry of Transport, Cameroon records about 1200 deaths on interurban and urban roads each year.

And according to the non-governmental organization "Sécuroute", in two decades, Cameroon has lost about 15,000 people from road accidents. Most of these hecatombs are caused by human errors.

According to experts, 80% of traffic accidents are due to human negligence. Among the most common causes, ignorance of the Highway Traffic Act, speeding, poor parking, passing fancy, overload, traffic in the forbidden direction and non-compliance with traffic lights. Drunk driving and narcotics consumption are not neglected either.

To this, are added other factors such as the lack of control of the machine. Drivers of motorcycle taxis are also concerned. "Some of them come from villages and have no notion of driving. That's how we see them in traffic jams sneaking between vehicles in defiance of the lives they carry. Some drivers even use Tramol to have more energy to work for a long time without getting tired, "said Police Commissioner Adamou Baba, commander of the regional group of the public road and circulation of the Center.

These road accidents, which are no less dramatic, can be reduced to their simplest expression in the transport sector, if and only if road users adopt healthy behaviors. "Users must simply follow the safety instructions, respect the speed limit, the rules of the road and have a driving license. For motorcycle drivers, they must wear a hard hat. Passengers are required to refuse overload and speeding, "concludes the police commissioner.

Adamou Baba