Thursday, August 2, 2018


237news | Two reasons pushed Tina SONGUE to put an end to her contract with this radio, which saw her grow in the business after a short stay in a reality show on Canal 2 International.

"I leave Radio Balafon because I have to leave the city of Douala for family reasons. It is a family reunion that forces me to leave my second family Radio Balafon. But as I told my colleagues; you can see that I can not say ex colleagues and my dear listeners on my last show: It's just a goodbye! She told our editorial a few minutes after the announcement.

In fact, if Tina Songue leaves the economic capital for the political capital for family reasons, she will also continue in the media sector, especially with the young production company Creative Com that produced the TV show broadcast on Vox Africa.

After 6 years of apprenticeship alongside her mentor Cyrile Bojiko, the animator and journalist confides to have passed, 6 years of indescribable happiness, 6 unforgettable years with, "my father, my" eternal "boss Cyrille Bojiko ... The separation was very difficult: I was very sad, he was sad, we were sad ... He gave me a lot of advice, he wished me good luck for the future and one thing is sure he will remain in my professional life and in my heart! She explained to the editor.

On his side, Cyril Bojiko Seems happy for his "daughter". "It's been a long time since Tina Songue has to go find her husband and children in Yaounde. I finally agreed that Tina Songue left because I wanted to be sure that she will be on a professional project. So to avoid the kongossa I announce that Tina Songue joined the team of Traveling and it is professionals. Reason why when Lionel Nname (Director of Traveling, Editor's note) called me for Tina Songue to collaborate for this show, I immediately said yes! Tina, I know you'll succeed! Finished the radio, now we will watch you on TV ... "told his listeners on Wednesday, the CEO of Radio Balafon, at the last edition of Cogito that presented Tina.

Winner of the 2nd edition of the show In the Street on channel 2, which became the contest of the young TV presenter, Tina Songue, later joined Radio Balafon where she presented almost all of Radio Balafon's programs. Sacred Weekend, Sacred Morning, Cogito, Jamboula, Carrefour, the Journal, the hit parade, The Great Edition. "It is surely from there that my colleagues gave me the name of" firefighter "because I replaced everything the world on the air. She explained to our editorial staff.

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