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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

This Is The Reason Why The UN Denounced Genocide In Anglophone Cameroon

According to the United Nations (UN), there is no "Anglophone genocide" in the northwestern and southwestern regions shaken since October 2016, by socio-political demands that have resulted in clashes between separatists and regular army.

Following the numerous exactions attributed to the army, the separatists accused the loyalist forces of "genocide" of the anglophones.

These accusations have just been denied by the UN Attaché based in Cameroon, who congratulated the Biya government this week for its humanitarian plan for the North West and South West populations, "this plan confirms the recognition the humanitarian situation by the government and its responsibility to ensure the well-being and protection of the affected populations, "said the UN diplomat.

The war against armed separatists

The Cameroonian authorities have always claimed, "the army does not kill civilians. Security and security forces respond to attacks by armed secessionists who commit abuses against civilians. It has the obligation to preserve the integrity of the national territory, "Issa Tchiroma Bakary, the Minister of Communication and spokesman for the government, recently explained.

The position of the international community, which has decided not to side with the separatists who deprive students and school teachers, comes in a context where Cameroon is preparing the presidential election scheduled for October 7, 2018.

Things are now clear, both for the United States and the United Nations, armed terrorists who are fighting against loyalist forces in the northwestern and southwestern regions and committing acts of violence against them. civilians.

The UN Reason

The separatists made several mistakes, first of all, the publication of images of soldiers killed and beheaded on the internet, the ransoming of the population, the burning of administrative buildings and the manhunt against pupils and teachers who defied their words. order.

Secondly, the separatist leaders or their supporters, including the writer and Cameroonian activist Nganang, have shown themselves to be spreading hatred on the internet and calling for the murder of soldiers of the Beti-Bulu ethnic group close to President Paul Biya.

Source: camweb