Monday, August 6, 2018

These terrorists have crossed the threshold of intolerance, they are in an adventure without tomorrow" Says Paul Atanga Nji

237news | "These terrorists have crossed the threshold of tolerance, they are in an adventure without tomorrow", this statement is the Minister Paul Antanga Nji, it was on the occasion of the reception in Yaounde on Friday, August 03, 2018 of the traditional leaders of the Fako , kidnapped and released by secessionists.

"I received them to convey to them the message of comfort of the Head of State. President Paul Biya is the founder of the North-West. He was very touched when he learned that the traditional chiefs were kidnapped in the Southwest Region. He instructed the authorities to make every effort to release them. The Mayor of Buea has put together an efficient machine. They were released. Today's hearing was also an opportunity to encourage them. They have overcome fear, torture. To torture a leader, to beat him, nothing can justify this behavior of the terrorists. They have crossed the threshold of intolerance, they are in an adventure without tomorrow. Cameroon is one and indivisible. Terrorists will never have the means to fight the state ", declared on the national television Crtv the Minister of Territorial Administration.

The eight traditional chiefs kidnapped in the villages of Fako County, Southwest Region were released on Monday, July 31, 2018 by secessionists, after suffering torture of all kinds.

According to the administrative authorities, the chief William Njie Mbanda of the village Lysoka Moliwe, meanwhile died in captivity on Saturday, July 28, 2018.

Violence does not fade in the South West and North West regions, which for nearly two years have been plunged into a serious security crisis.

The weekend was deadly in the Mamchum Valley (Southwest) borough. According to a security source, three gendarmes were murdered by individuals claiming Ambazonia, an imaginary republic.

The same source indicates that the deputy public security commissioner of the city of Buea was murdered by secessionists, still this weekend.

Another unofficial source also reported that Derrick Lomombe, sub-prefect of the Memchum Valley locality in the North West region, was abducted by armed individuals on Saturday, July 04, 2018.