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Thursday, August 23, 2018

The wealthy businessman Joseph Kadji Defosso passes on at 95

Cin | Joseph Kadji Defosso died on the night of Wednesday, August 22 to Thursday, August 23, 2018 due to illness at the age of 95. One of the most famous industrialists and businessmen in Cameroon was sick for several years. It was in a wheelchair that he made his last public appearance on May 20, 2018 to solemnly receive from the Governor of the Littoral Region, on behalf of the Head of State, a Commander's medal in the national order of value.

Exceptionally, Governor Ivaha Diboua Dieudonné Samuel had made the trip to pin the prestigious badge on the chest of the recipient at his home in the presence of an impressive audience of personalities.

Kadji's Decoration Ceremony (c) Archives
By this act, the Cameroonian government expressed the gratitude of the Nation to a worthy son of the Bana village in the Western Region, great builder of the Cameroonian and even African economy. Recently in its latest edition of the Top Ten of the Biggest Fortunes in Cameroon, the famous Forbes magazine, ranked "Fu'a Toula Kadji Defosso" tenth with a fortune estimated at nearly $ 205 million.

"Born around 1923 in the West Cameroon region, Joseph KADJI comes from the big DEFOSSO family of Bana. Fu'a Tula KADJI DEFOSSO caught the commercial virus very early. As a teenager, he displayed his talent in selling tobacco and other export products. In sub-Saharan Africa, he is the first African businessman to start a brewery by creating in 1972, the Cameroon Union of Brewery (UCB). The KADJI family is one of the first to be aware of the need to maintain a pool of talented young talents in sport. This is how the Kadji Sports Academy (KSA) was born in 1995. The Group's activities include POLYPLAST, a plastics production plant (basins, buckets, lockers, etc.); Société des Géréales du Cameroun (SCC): flour mill based in the port area of ​​Douala, an insurance company: Assurances Générales du Cameroun; in real estate, the KADJI SQUARE and the CAUTIS, HIBISCUS and BAOBAB buildings enrich the heritage ". In this way, the illustrious personality and his works are shown in a portrait published on the foundation's website that bears his name.

After making a fortune in the brewery and other activities, Kadji Defosso, father of a large family, went into politics, becoming in 2002 until his death, Mayor of the Commune of Bana, his hometown that he built by bringing out of the ground some buildings on own funds.